Heather Coulson was a leading construction and architectural photographer in Hong Kong for 18 years from 1971 to 1988. Many major prestigious projects were carried out in what has been described as the golden period of construction in Hong Kong. I was fortunate to be there at this exciting time.

I undertook all photographic assignments with either medium format (Hasselblad 50CM or SWC) or large format (Crown Graphic and later Linhof) and the choice of film was limited to Kodak (EPR64ASA or EPD200ASA) … for the major tunnelling photography colour negative, colour transparency and B&W were all required (to be taken consecutively!)

I was privileged to be commissioned to photograph many of the major projects featured in the display prints. These include the Cross Harbour Tunnel, the Mass Transit Railway and other large civil works, including Castle Peak Power Station – at that time the biggest power complex in Asia.

It was suggested to me that there would be considerable interest in having my work included in the major Hong Kong University archive, where it would be scanned and catalogued, and provide considerable interest for future generations. I understand that has now been completed, and is available for research.